Flemish after Ruckers

Flemish Harpsichord


This harpsichord reflects the basic Ruckers sound ideal. It has a small compass, C⁄E – c3 or C – c3, and has one 8′ and a 4′ only, like they all had originally. In the renaissance the 4′ was an important register, not only to add colour to the ensemble, but also to be used on its own. This is reflected by the existence of 4′ instruments at that time.


The compact case in combination of this disposition results in a powerful, nearly aggressive tone, very well articulated, which suits all renaissance music extremely well.


The case is made of poplar, the strings of red brass, brass and iron.


Measures: 187 x 75 x 25 cm.

Sound Sample:

Sweelinck – Ons is geboren een kindelijn -played by Albert-Jan Roelofs