"I usually like the sound of different instruments made after the originals of Mietke, and I often played your harpsichords all over the world with great pleasure. But your last one is very close to my ideal. Clarity, resonance, charm of the sound, and perfection of the mechanic aspects are exceptional but there is something more. Your instrument gives the player the impression he can do everything he wants."
"I have played Mr. Kalsbeek's instruments in several occasions: recitals, continuo playing for chamber music, opera performances. All his instruments are fine, solid and well characterized from the original model. Very easy to play and with a nice sound, Mr. Kalbeek's instruments are a good help for the modern performer's life. "
"I completely agree with my friend and colleague Skip Sempé: This is how harpsichords should sound. Yesterday I had the chance to play on Jan’s latest instrument, a wonderful copy of an early Blanchet. It leaves nothing to desire. The sound is round and full, it sings… a true masterpiece. My heartfelt congratulations to you, dear Jan!"
"This is how a harpsichord should play, this is how a harpsichord should sound."
"Jan Kalsbeek was the craftsman who brought our Mietke Harpsichord into being. Jan was easy to contact. He kept to our work contract and delivered it on time for our 2010-2011 season. Even though Jan has created other models for the Mietke, each instrument is unique. Our harpsichord fits our accoustical spaces like a dream."
"Jan has built a clutch of harpsichords for the outstanding hire and tuning professional Ken Smith which I have the pleasure of using. They are good, robust instruments with the tone that carries excellently in the opera house and support the voice."
"With great pleasure I have played instruments made by Jan Kalsbeek in concerts and recordings. His perfectionism and fine craftsmanship, combined with thorough knowledge of the construction of the original harpsichords can be heard - and seen - in his beautiful instruments."