Blanchet Single

French Single Blanchet Harpichord

Last week, before the Blanchet single was delivered to its owner in Belgium, my friend Albert-Jan Roelofs came to visit me in the workshop to try the new harpsichord. We had the idea to record some pieces in the workshop on the different registers using the iPad with the Recordbox app. You can see how the set up was with the iPad on two stools on top of each other. Very professional!  These are the results:


Sound Samples: 


Jacques Duphly – Les Graces, front 8′



Francois Couperin – Soeur Monique, back 8



Francois Couperin – Les vergers fleuris front 8 with buff



Francois Couperin – La regente ou La Minerve 2 x 8